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Enamul Haque

4 minutes read

25 Nov 2023

Let’s Introduce a ghost new feature Recommendations( beta). Recently Ghost came up with a simple cross-promotion mechanism for all publishers, on any platform. Ghost now includes the first native Recommendations feature that's compatible with the entire open web.

Now publishers can share their favorite sites with their readers and, likewise, be recommended by other publications.

Recommendations have become a super popular way for publishers to support and amplify each other's work over the past couple of years! This is a very effective way to grow your audience.

Most of the platforms use recommendations to promote their own growth, not to help users discover new things.

Ghost gives you the ability to benefit from cross-promotion without limits or hidden incentives. Ghost built a full Recommendations system that's compatible with any platform, website, or publisher, so you can recommend whoever you like.

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  • How does Ghost Recommendations work?
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  • Benefits of using Ghost Recommendations
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How does Ghost Recommendations work?

How does Ghost Recommendations work.png
Ghost Recommendations

Ghost Recommendations, currently in beta, is a feature that allows Ghost publishers to recommend other Ghost sites to their readers. This feature is designed to promote cross-promotion and help readers discover new and interesting content.

Here's how Ghost Recommendations works:

Curating Recommendations: Publishers can curate a list of their favorite Ghost sites by adding them to their publisher profile. These recommended sites will then be displayed in various locations, including:

  • New Member Signup: When new members sign up for Ghost, they will be presented with a list of recommended Ghost sites, including those curated by publishers they follow.
  • Publisher Profiles: Recommended Ghost sites will be displayed on individual publisher profiles, providing visitors with a curated selection of related content.

Automated Notifications: Ghost automatically sends notifications to other publishers when you start recommending them. These notifications inform publishers of the recommendation and invite them to reciprocate by recommending your site in return.

Discovery and Engagement: Ghost Recommendations aims to enhance the discovery and engagement of Ghost content by connecting readers with relevant and interesting sites. Recommendations provide a curated path to explore new voices and expand one's reading horizons.

Community Growth and Support: By promoting cross-promotion and encouraging collaboration, Ghost Recommendations foster a more connected and supportive publishing ecosystem. Publishers can help each other grow their audiences while readers benefit from a wider range of quality content.

2 Recommendations work.jpg

The Recommendations automatically work with any site in Ghost CMS. It also has extra features, that are available depending on platform support.

Ghost will automatically display 1-click subscription buttons on platforms that support it.

automatically display 1-click subscription buttons.jpg

About the Beta version

This is trialing recommendations privately with a handful of publishers, and now Ghost opening up to everyone. Ghost released it as a public beta, anyone can use it, but the Ghost team still working on it. Ghost continues to refine and improve this feature, and they are working on new ways to use it once a wider audience adopts it.

For Example, You can add a link to show Recommendations anywhere on your site like this:

Our Recommendations →

Ghost(Pro) users can log in and start enjoying all of this right away! You can create and manage recommendations under Settings → Recommendations

Theme integration

Ghost official themes already have a natively integrated Recommendations feature. Developers can integrate Ghost Recommendations into their custom Ghost themes, allowing publishers to display their recommended sites directly within their own site's design and layout. To integrate it explore Recommendations Developer Docs.

Note: If you're using self-hosting Ghost, then you'll need to update to the latest version to get access to everything that's new.

Benefits of using Ghost Recommendations

There are several benefits to using Ghost Recommendations:

  • Grow your audience: By recommending other Ghost sites, you can attract new readers to your own site.
  • Support other publishers: Recommendations help to promote other Ghost sites and raise awareness of their work.
  • Discover new content: Recommendations can help you find new and interesting content that you might not have found otherwise.


With the introduction of Recommendations, Ghost has taken a significant step forward in fostering a more connected and collaborative publishing ecosystem. This new feature empowers publishers to promote each other's work, expand their reach, and discover new voices within the Ghost community. As the beta phase progresses, we anticipate further refinements and enhancements that will further amplify the impact of Recommendations. We encourage all Ghost publishers to embrace this feature and leverage its potential to connect with a wider audience and elevate the overall quality of content on the open web.


Do you have any questions about Ghost's new feature: Recommendations (beta)? We have answers to some frequently asked questions on the topic.

What are the limitations of Ghost Recommendations (beta)?

Ghost Recommendations is currently in beta, which means that some features may be limited or under development. Additionally, the feature may not be compatible with all Ghost themes or platforms.

Where can I learn more about Ghost Recommendations?

You can learn more about Ghost Recommendations on the Ghost website and in the Ghost documentation. You can also join the Ghost community forum to discuss the feature with other publishers.

How do I get started with Ghost Recommendations?

To get started with Ghost Recommendations, simply add a list of your favorite Ghost sites to your publisher profile. You can also use the Ghost Recommendations API to integrate the feature into your own theme or application.

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