Get Inspiration From Ghost Websites Showcase - 02


Enamul Haque

2 minutes read

13 Dec 2022

Hi there,

Hope you are well. Today, We will discuss some websites that are powered by Ghost. If you're seeking the perfect theme for your ghost website, ElectronThemes offers a large collection of high-quality and premium ghost themes.

Here is the showcase of ghost websites in action. You will be get inspired.

1. Adapt

Built with Docslab ghost theme

Docslab ghost theme

ADAPT tips were created to promote the use of the Adapt e-learning framework and authoring tool. They are goal is to provide tips and advice to happy designers and developers, so you can stay effective in your work.

2. Leyfutmex

Built with a Newsportal ghost theme

newsportal ghost theme

Leyfutmex is a Football category-based blog site that publishes all about football articles for those audiences. They narrate the best of the past, present, and future of football.

3. Ecuadoraldia

Built with Newsvolt ghost theme


Ecuadoraldia is a news portal website that regularly publishes news articles. They are digital communication that provides news from Ecuador and the world. Free journalism, the truth above all, and despite everything.

If you want to know more, Explore our all ghost themes by visiting our official site at ElectronThemes and browse all themes.

Have a great day!


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