Content focused and Minimal ghost theme

General Feature
  • Dark and Light version
  • Featured post slider
  • Multi authors
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  • DocumentationQuando Docs
  • Current Versionv4.3.0
  • Last Updated16 November 2022
  • CompatibilityGhost v5.x
  • Ratings5.0(5)
Quando - Content focused and Minimal ghost theme

Quando is a sleek and modern Ghost theme designed for bloggers who want to create a minimalistic and content-focused website. The theme features a clean and simple layout with a focus on typography, making it ideal for bloggers who want their content to take center stage. Quando is very easy to use on the ghost platform. It is very easy to set up and customize the theme. Quando theme has detailed documentation and dedicated support.

The theme uses a white background with black typography, creating a clean and modern aesthetic. The design is responsive, meaning it will look great on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The theme also includes several customization options, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your website to match your brand or personal style. You can choose from several different fonts, color schemes, and layout options to create a unique look for your website.

At ElectronThemes. you will find best quality ghost themes that will be easy to use for your website and publications. You can get inspirations with live showcase that our lovely customers use.

Showcase Your Portfolio and Services with Quando

Whether it's displaying a collection of projects or showcasing a range of services, Quando gives you to customize the layout, incorporate multimedia elements, and optimize the presentation to captivate visitors and leave a lasting impression. With Quando, users can showcase their portfolio and services to new levels of professionalism and impact.

Create an awesome Home page

Quando theme has a clan and a modern design with a stunning eye-catching Home page. It has a beautiful feature post section, popular authors, popular tags, and newsletter signup sections. The home layout contains a touch of elegant and current design trends all over its interface.

  • Modern postcard designed
  • Display feature posts, authors, tags
  • Have a completely unique design
Quando Ghost CMS Theme - Modern Theme for Creative Agencies and Freelancers

Dark and Light Mode

Quando theme has dark and light mode variations. Your visitors can switch between dark mode and light mode by simply clicking the moon icon on the header, next to the search icon. We are showing Light mode by default first.

  • Dark mode Better for your eye health
  • Show your text highlighted in dark mode
  • Dark and Light modes make a gorgeous vibe on the site
Quando Ghost CMS Theme - Elegant Theme for Creative Agencies and Freelancers

Visit from any device

Quando theme is a 100% responsive design that adjusts to any size phone, tablet, or desktop screen. It is 100% responsive means it will fit various devices of different sizes. The more attention you get from search engine crawlers, the more organic traffic you can expect.

  • Responsive designs help you reach more traffic
  • Makes websites faster, more accessible, and easier to navigate.
  • Get higher search engine rankings
Feature-Rich Ghost CMS Theme for Portfolio Showcase - Quando

Organize all tags in one place

An organized tags page in a Quanto Ghost theme refers to a webpage that displays a collection of tags used to categorize and group content on a blog or website. The tags are typically displayed in a visually appealing and organized manner, allowing visitors to easily navigate and explore the website's content by clicking on specific tags of interest. This feature is particularly useful for websites that generate a large amount of content, as it helps to enhance the user experience and make it easier for visitors to find relevant content quickly.

  • Organize your tags List
  • Clean and modern design to focus on tags
  • Easily find the articles category-wise
Customizable Ghost CMS Theme

Organize your post by tag

We have designed a single tag page to present your specific category content. This section displays the category name, category description, post numbers, published author, published date, and all posts in that category.

  • Clean and modern post design
  • Display single categories in all post
  • Present your content in a different way
Premium Ghost CMS Theme

Display all authors in one place

Quando themes has a pre-designed authors page that displays information about the authors of the blog, including their profile pictures, bio, and links to their published articles on the site. Quando has a beautiful card layout designed author's page. Show all authors with the author's name, bio, image, and social profile.

  • Create dynamic author archives with all of the particular author’s articles
  • Display a list of the authors who contribute to your site
  • 3-column layout card designed
Service Showcase Ghost CMS Theme

Details the author

The single author page shows individual author details and they are all the published posts. we have designed nice-looking modern 3-column post-card layouts.

  • Clean and attractive design
  • Effortless author management
  • Showing here single author details
Single author page

Read your article in a single page

Quando Ghost themes have a pre-designed single post page that displays a single blog post, including the post's title, content, author information, and any related posts or comments. The single-post page layout has a dedicated design with all elements supported. We created a clean and beautiful design to easily readable articles and make your visitors happy.

  • Easily readable content
  • Clean and content focus design table of content
  • Excellent color combination, typography, and element selection
single post page

Connect with your audience

Quando theme has a pre-designed contact page that allows visitors to the website to get in touch with the site's owner or administrator through a contact form, email, or other means of communication. It typically includes fields for the visitor's name, email address, subject, and message. Quando theme has a clean and modern attractive contact page for presenting your contact details.

  • Beautifully designed form interface to present
  • Embed google map interface with your address
  • User-friendly design
contact page

Find your article faster

This theme has an advanced search system to easily find the desired article. You can find your article faster on the site. There are many benefits to utilizing real-time search features.

  • Let’s users find things faster
  • Improved user experience
  • Users find things faster

Membership & Subscription

Quando comes with a custom Membership page, as well as Sign-in and Signup pages. if you want you will be able to enable membership and subscription and distribute your content as you want to your site visitors.

  • Choose your plan for monetizing your content
  • Pricing tables: Free, Monthly, Yearly
  • Pricing tables in the customer account and membership page
  • Option to edit billing info
  • Custom currency USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP
Membership page

Payment Testing

Genuine card information cannot be used in test mode. To test the membership features, use any of the following test card numbers.

Paid member account

If a paid member on your site wants to change billing or wants any changes they will be able to do that easily. They can easily manage their membership from the account page. They will find all the information related to members to edit the card information and manage the cancellation of the subscription.

Introducing custom settings for Quando

Newsvolt comes with a user-friendly dashboard interface with a lot of options. You can change the site design or style from here as you like. We have custom-made options you can use very easily. We have detailed documentation you will get more information there.

  • Easy way to change the settings without code.
  • Important options for Google Fonts, Post Templates, Search, Comments
Dashboard image

Custom templates of Quando

Newsvolt has custom designed template. We have designed Author, Tag, Account, Contact, Membership, Post full width, Post left sidebar, Post right sidebar, Post with a table of content, Sign in, and Signup pages. So you can use them according to your needs.

Elements of Quando

We have a big list of all elements. The style guide is an overview of a theme. It reflects the page and blog styles of the site. Anyone can easily get the idea of overall pages. Here is the style guide for the page. You can get a clear idea about modern web design. Which element we are using for design.

elements page

Deploy with GitHub

We deployed our theme using our GitHub deployment action to build automatically on the server.

The theme has the integration of the GitHub deployment feature with GitHub action. You can read more: Deploy your Ghost Theme from GitHub

Deploy with github

Translation ready

Quando gives you Translation support for different languages. You can translate all the texts in your language.

  • Make contact with a much wider audience
  • Increase cultural awareness
  • Develops global relationships.

General features

  • Dark and Light version
  • Clean Design
  • Responsive Theme
  • W3 validated Code
  • Ghost 5.x compatible
  • Content API v4
  • Publication title and description
  • Primary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation
  • Social accounts link
  • Publication icon, logo and cover image
  • Tags with name description and image
  • Featured post slider
  • Primary tag
  • Primary author
  • Multi author
  • Popular tags
  • Cool footer design
  • Tag list
  • Tag feature image
  • Tag post count
  • Tag description
  • Tag posts
  • Author lists
  • Author cover image
  • Author Social links
  • Author Posts
  • pagination
  • Koenig Editor
  • Gallery and Bookmark and all other inbuilt card in Koenig editor
  • Responsive YouTube, Vimeo and all other embeds
  • Normal image
  • Wide and fullwidth image support
  • Medium zoom image
  • Gallery support
  • Social post share
  • Related posts
  • Post navigations
  • Disqus comment box
  • Built on Bootstrap 5.x
  • Font awesome icons
  • Subscription form
  • 24/7 Support
  • SEO friendly code
  • Native Comments feature
  • Native Search feature
  • Multiple Google fonts
  • Membership Tiers


  • Custom membership page
  • Subscriber form
  • Custom signin form
  • Custom signup form
  • Custom account page
  • Custom premium post design
  • Custom Subscriber only post
  • Pricing tables: Free, Monthly, Yearly
  • Sign-in, sign-up, subscribe and checkout notifications


  • Custom Tag list page
  • Custom Author list page
  • Single Tag page
  • Single Author page
  • Post page
  • Custom page design
  • Custom error page
  • Style Guide
  • Contact page

Page Speed

Additional Features

Best performance

We develop our ghost themes are optimized for the best speed and good performance, makeking your website loading fast.

Custom theme settings

We have custom theme settings included that will help you customize the theme, changing fonts, colors, layouts and much more.

Membership & Tiers

Ghost membership & subscription features are included in our theme, allowing you to convert viewers into members.

Responsive Design

It's a fully responsive theme that adjusts to any phone, tablet, or desktop screen size. It will rescale itself to preserve the user experience and look and feel across all devices, with no irritating zooming, scrolling, or resizing.

Translation Ready

The theme is ready for translation. You can translate all the texts for your language from only one JSON file. The theme supports German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, and Danish, etc.

Developer Friendly Code

We built the theme using the latest tools and technologies. We used SCSS for styles and comments for the code so one can easily find the specific files. Whenever anyone wants to change any code or design then the developer can do that.

Easy to Deploy on Github

We deployed our theme using our github deployment action to build automatically on the server. You will find .github/workflows/deploy-theme.yml file in theme folder

Online Documentation

We have written online documentation where we explained all the processes of setup, installation, and customization. You can find easily how to make a beautiful website using our theme file

Regular Updates and Support

When we add new ghost features to our theme as updates. You will get regular updates notification that you have already purchased. We have a fast support team for solutions to your all issues. We are ready to provide support:

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