Responsive Minimal and Clean Ghost Theme

General Feature
  • Minimal and Clean Design
  • Subscription and Membership Tiers
  • Native Comments and Search
  • Ghost v5.x.x supported
  • DocumentationMenia Docs
  • Current Versionv4.1.2
  • Last Updated04 October 2023
  • CompatibilityGhost v5.x
  • Ratings5.0(13)
Menia - Responsive Minimal and Clean Ghost Theme

Elevate your website or blog with Menia, a responsive and minimal clean Ghost theme designed to provide an elegant online presence. Whether you're a personal blogger, magazine publisher, or reviewer, Menia offers a perfect balance of aesthetics and user experience. With its easy setup and user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly create your online platform on Ghost without any coding knowledge or design skills.

Menia's clean design and thoughtfully organized layout ensure that your content takes center stage. The intuitive categories, features, menu, and helpful tags system enable your visitors to find exactly what they're looking for, enhancing their browsing experience. Our goal is to empower you to start your own regional Eco-Friendly Businesses with confidence, and Menia sets the perfect stage for your journey.

Menia - Elegant and Minimal Clean Ghost Theme for Personal Websites and Blogs

Whether you're a seasoned blogger or just starting your journey, Menia is the perfect companion to showcase your ideas, stories, and creations. Its elegant and minimal design for a beautiful ghost CMS theme for personal blogs, combined with its seamless functionality, guarantees a sophisticated and immersive experience for both you and your visitors. Step into the world of Menia and unlock the true potential of your personal website or blog.

Home Page

The Home Page is focused on giving the site visitors the excitement for staying on your site. Showing here your best-featured post with a beautiful slider.

  • Beautifully designed to grab a visitor’s attention at first glance
  • Showcasing Featured posts on the slider
  • Load more and Pagination support
Menia Ghost CMS Theme - Elegant and Minimal Theme for Personal Websites and Blogs

Dark and Light Mode

Menia supports dark, light, and Auto mode variations. Your visitors can switch between dark mode and light mode by simply clicking the moon icon on the header, next to the search icon. We are showing Light mode by default first.

  • Easy switcher to switch the website color scheme
  • Color scheme based on visitor's devices
Elegant and Minimal Ghost CMS Theme - Menia

Single Post page

The clean and minimal single blog page layout will surely attract visitors’ attention to capture the site. We created a beautiful design to make your potential visitors come closer to your blog

  • Clean and niche-specific design to showcase
  • Excellent color combination, typography, and element selection
  • Table of contents to explain your contents quickly
Customizable Ghost CMS Theme for Personal Websites and Blogs - Menia

Tags Page

Menia has a good-looking tags page. To show all the tags based on the number of posts available in each tag. Clean and Beautiful grid system 3-column layouts design.

  • Showcasing here all tags list
  • Clean and modern design to focus on categories
  • Easily go to find the category’s post

Single Tag page

This page will present specific single-tag posts with a nice grid layout. You can display here all posts by a specific category with details. Like a tag name, description, post counting, cover image, and all the posts step by step.

  • Explained category details
  • Clean and modern post-layout design
  • Showing post grid with meta details

Authors page

Menia has developed a beautiful author's page. You can present here all Author's Lists and you can show there all details and social profiles.

  • Showcasing here all Author's List
  • Stylish Grid layout system

About the author

Menia has designed a clean and beautiful Single-author page. You can show here the author's bio, and they are all the published posts list.

  • Showing here single author details
  • Feature the best post to draw visitors’ attention to conversions
  • Clean and attractive design

Interact with your audience

A website that has a decent and clear contact form looks more professional. We designed a clean and modern attractive contact page. We have included a contact form and Google Maps So that visitors can get in touch with you.

  • Clean interface to present your contact details
  • Embed Google map interface with your address

Membership & Subscription

Menia comes with a custom Membership page, as well as Sign-in and Signup pages. if you want you will be able to enable membership and subscription and distribute your content as you want to your site visitors.

  • Choose your plan for monetizing your content
  • Pricing tables: Free, Monthly, Yearly
  • Pricing tables in the customer account and membership page
  • Option to edit billing info
  • Custom currency USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP

Paid member account

If a paid member on your site wants to change billing or wants any changes they will be able to do that easily. They can easily manage their membership from the account page. They will find all the information related to members to edit the card information and manage the cancellation of the subscription.

Payment Testing

Genuine card information cannot be used in test mode. To test the membership features, use any of the following test card numbers

Find your article faster

If visitors get something advanced feature, then they are more likely to come back to your website. This theme has a real-time search bar. You can find your article faster on your site. It’s a good feature to find your content in seconds.

  • Improved user experience
  • Competitive advantage
  • Users find content faster

Visit from any device

Responsiveness is a very important part of the website. Menia comes with a responsive flexible design that adjusts to any size phone, tablet, and desktop screen. Keep visitors engaged to lower your bounce rate. The more attention you get from search engine crawlers, the more organic traffic you can expect.

  • Responsive designs help you reach more traffic
  • Makes websites faster, more accessible, and easier to navigate
  • Get higher search engine rankings

Deploy with GitHub

We deployed our theme using our GitHub deployment action to build automatically on the server. The theme has the integration of the GitHub deployment feature with GitHub action. You can read more: Deploy your Ghost Theme from GitHub

If you have any Presale questions about this product, knock us in Live Chat 9 am-10 pm (UTC-6 Time).

Menia Ghost Theme Key Features:

  • Slider for Featured Posts: Highlight your best content with a slider for featured posts.
  • Dark, Light, and Auto Mode: Choose between different color modes to suit your preferences or enable auto mode for a seamless transition based on user preferences.
  • Real-Time Search: Provide visitors with a dynamic search experience that displays results in real time.
  • Custom Page Supports: Enjoy the flexibility of custom page support, allowing you to create unique pages tailored to your needs.
  • Language Supports: Reach a global audience by supporting multiple languages on your website.
  • Disqus Comment Box: Engage your readers with a powerful commenting system using the Disqus integration.
  • Lightweight Theme: Experience fast loading times and optimal performance with Menia's lightweight design.
  • Fully Responsive Design: Ensure your website looks stunning on all devices with its fully responsive layout.
  • Flexible Layout: Customize the layout of your website to suit your unique style and content requirements.
  • Well Documentation: Access detailed documentation to guide you through the setup and customization process.
  • Regular Updates: Benefit from regular updates that include new features, improvements, and bug fixes.
  • Ghost Native Comment: Utilize the native commenting system provided by Ghost CMS for seamless interaction with your readers.
  • Ghost Native Search: Harness the power of the native search feature in Ghost CMS to enhance search functionality on your website.
  • Multiple Google Fonts Support: Choose from a wide selection of Google Fonts to personalize the typography of your website.


  • Homepage: Create a captivating first impression with a beautifully designed homepage.
  • Single Post Page: Showcase your blog posts with a dedicated single post page.
  • Tag Page: Display posts associated with specific tags on a dedicated tag page.
  • Single Tag Page: Provide an immersive experience for visitors exploring posts within a specific tag.
  • Author Page: Highlight your authors and their contributions with an author page.
  • Single Author Page: Showcase the work of individual authors with a dedicated single author page.
  • Contact Page: Enable visitors to get in touch with you easily through a dedicated contact page.
  • Custom Membership Page: Provide an exclusive membership experience with a custom-designed page.
  • Custom Account Page: Empower your members with a personalized account page tailored to their needs.
  • Custom Tag List Page: Customize the presentation of your tag list page to align with your brand.
  • Custom Author List Page: Showcase your authors and their profiles on a custom-designed author list page.
  • Custom 404 Error Page: Delight visitors even when encountering a 404 error with a well-designed custom error page.

Speak in your language

Language is a vital part of human connection. This ghost theme gives you Translation support for different languages. You can translate all the texts in your language.

  • Make contact with a much wider audience
  • Increase cultural awareness
  • Develops Global Relationships

Tested on

The theme has a great performance score, passing all relevant tests. it’s also SEO-friendly. We make sure you can focus on creating content for your audience.

  • Ghost Gscan – 100/100 points
  • Pingdom: 95
  • Gmetrix: 97
  • PageSpeed Insights: 97
  • W3 Validator — No errors or warnings to show

Credits of Content

  • Fonts – Roboto, Rubik
  • Photo – Unplash, Pixabay, Pixels


We have come with detailed documentation and dedicated support. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert support team for any technical queries or assistance.

  • Quickly solve your issues with the help of experts
  • Fast and expert solutions to all your issues
  • Enjoy regular updates & bug fixes to stay on the web trend

Additional Features

Minimal & Clean Design

Menia has a simple, well-made design. It has all the required components. The menu, categories, and tags system are all very well structured.

Disqus and Cove comments

We have integrated two popular comment features: Disqus and Cove. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Membership & Tiers

Our theme includes built-in Ghost membership and subscription features, making it easy to turn your viewers into paying members. With our theme, you can offer exclusive content to members, charge for access to your content, track member activity, and build a community of engaged users.

Responsive Design

Regardless of the screen size of a phone, tablet, or desktop, this theme is entirely responsive. It will scale itself without annoying zooming, scrolling, or resizing to maintain the user experience and look and feel on all devices.

Translation Ready

The translation of the theme is ready. All of the texts can be translated for your language.The theme supports various languages, including German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, and Danish.

Developer Friendly Code

The most recent tools and technologies were used to create this clean ghost theme. To make it simple for users to locate particular files, we used SCSS for styling and comments in the code.

Easy to Deploy on Github

We utilized our GitHub deployment action to automatically deploy our Ghost theme on the server. You can locate the "deploy-theme.yml" file within the theme folder at .github/workflows/deploy-theme.yml

Online Documentation

We have created online documentation that details each step of installing, configuring, and setting up our all the ghost themes. Our tutorial is simple to understand and will assist you in using our theme file to build a stunning ghsot website.

Regular Updates and Support

Whenever we update our theme and add new ghost features. You are always getting updates that you have previously purchased. We have a quick support team to address any of your problems. We are prepared to offer help:

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