A personal and professional ghost blog theme

General Feature
  • Translation Ready and Ghost 5.x Supported
  • Subscription and Membership Ready
  • Minimal and Clean Design
Live Preview
Navana - A personal and professional ghost blog theme

Navana is built with clean code and mobile responsive design and awesome file structure. This theme can be your best choice for your personal blog. This theme comes with Light and Dark mode you can set as default. It supports mobile responsive, membership & subscription features of Ghost 5.x. Anyone can make a beautiful personal blog site with a prominent design. It is made with Bootstrap 4 grid and it is a great theme for planners, bloggers, engineers, specialists, writers, developers, and designers.

Dark Light Variations

Navana supports dark and light mode for all users in any device. Anyone can choose either light mode or dark mode for the default system. We are showing Light mode by default first.

Navana home dark- light

Pages & Post

Unique Post Style 

Navana comes with a unique post style that has numbering and also supports extra size features image and authors name with image also, actually that looks awesome.

Navana post feed

Awesome Footer 

Navana has an awesome footer that has eye-catching color combinations five-section that all you need, About, Important link, Pages, Tags, and Social profile.

Navana footer

Membership & Subscription 

Navana comes with Membership & Subscription features, so if you want you will be able to enable membership and subscription and distribute your content as you want to your site visitors. See Here.

Navana membership

Account Settings 

If a paid member on your site wants to change billing or want any change they will be able to do that easily. They can easily manage their membership from the account page. They will find all the information related to members to edit the card information and manage the cancellation of the subscription.

Navana account

Custom sign-in and sign-up page 

We has made a simple quiet design sign-in and Sign-up page!

Custom Post and Page Template 

Navana comes with various custom templates for posts and pages. You will find 4 post templates and 7-page templates. Look below all the page and post templates:

Custom Tags Page 

This page will show all the tags and post counts of your publications. Tags Page

Navana tag

Custom Authors Page 

This page will show all the authors with Bio and social profiles of your publications. Authors page

Navana authors

Custom Contact Page 

Navana comes with an awesome contact page layout, there has an embedded google map and contact details with a contact form. If anyone wants to contact you, he can easily use the contact page. See contact page

navana contact page

Single Author Page

Navana comes with an eye-catching design single-author page. In single author page has author image, name, bio, social profiles, post counting, and all the posts step by step.

Navana author single

Single Tag Page 

Navana comes with an eye-catching design single-tag page. In single tag page has tag name, post counting, and all the posts step by step.

Navana single tag

Post Access

Navana comes with 3 different categories of post access systems like Public, Member Only, and Paid Members only. So you will be able to lock any post for paid members or unlock for free members any post:

Member-only Post

Who will be signup on your site only they will be able to visit these types of posts. Example.

Navana member only post

Paid Member-only Post 

Who will be your paid member on your site only they will be able to visit these types of posts. Example.

Navana paid post

Table of content post 

We used a folded table of content template in custom post template section. Example.

Navana table of content post style

Find Your Article Faster

Navana shows real-time search results when you type your keyword. It generates post title and excerpt from Content API when start typing.

Navana search function

One-click Zoom image and gallery 

Navana comes with an awesome image zooming API, so when someone click on any image then the image will expand within few milliseconds. See here.

Navana image zooming

Payment testing

To test the paid subscription do not use actual card details. Use the live demo site using any of the stripe’s test card numbers and details. Here you can find the test card list.

Additional Ghost Features

  • Disqus comment box
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Custom Contact promo
  • About section
  • Beautiful footer
  • Documentation load more button
  • Tag list sidebars
  • Copy URL with click
  • Post social share
  • Formspree for contact form
  • Medium zoom
  • Mobile menu support
  • SVG logo
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Custom buttons

Ghost inbuilt features

  • Ghost supported v5.0.0
  • Publication and Description
  • Publication cover
  • Publication logo and icon
  • Social accounts
  • Koenig Editor
  • Primary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation
  • General posts and pages
  • Tags
  • Authors
  • Responsive Content
  • Gallery
  • Bookmark
  • HTML code
  • Code Highlighter
  • Share posts on social media
  • Post Navigation
  • Load more options
  • Translation ready to other languages
  • Subscription features
  • Membership
  • Sign in
  • Signup
  • Notifications

General Features

  • Pricing tables: Free, Monthly, Yearly
  • Pricing tables in custom account and membership page
  • Custom Call-to-Action
  • Sign-in, sign-up, subscribe, and checkout notifications
  • 100% responsive, looks nice in any size of the devices.
  • Content-focused, modern and minimal.
  • Very lightweight, no unnecessary CSS or javascript.
  • Superfast performance.
  • Responsive image.
  • Image Lazy loading.
  • Google font.
  • SVG icons look fine in even high dpi screens.
  • Well commented and well-structured coding.
  • Development files included. Easy to customize.
  • Developer friendly. Built with SASS.
  • Regular updates
  • 24/7 dedicated support

Test result

  • Valid HTML5 coding.
  • 100% compatible with the latest ghost – Ghost GScan score 100 / 100
  • PageSpeed Insights score – Desktop 100 and Mobile 97
  • Pingdom – Performance grade A (score 92) load time 739 millisecond
  • Gtmetrix – Performance grade A (Score 99%), Total blocking time – 27ms


Fonts Icons

Additional Features

grid interface

Support Ghost 5.x

The Content API is designed to be fully cachable, meaning you can fetch data as often as you like without limitation. APIv5 is specifically a breaking-change which aims to reduce ambiguity and improve flexibility and consistency

Support Multiple Author Of a Post

Our Navana comes with multiple authors feature, that gives the opportunity to multiple authors working on the same article. For example, on news websites, sometimes multiple journalists contribute to a single story.

Support Koenig Editor

Koenig is a brand-new writing experience within Navana and follows more of a rich writing experience which you've come to expect from the best publishing platforms.

Well-structured and clean code

Navana comes with clean code. So, clean code is code that is easy to understand and easy to change. So, you will be able to change or replace any element in Delas within a short time without getting any Annoyance.

Fully responsive

Navana is a fully responsive theme, so it will rescale itself to preserve the user experience and look and feel across all devices, with no irritating zooming, scrolling, or resizing. So your website must respond to all that the device it's will be viewed on.

Support Comments

Navana comes with a Disqus comment system, you can easily add a comment system to Delas. It will gain a feature-rich comment system complete with social network integration, advanced administration and moderation options, and other extensive community functions.

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