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Enamul Haque

4 minutes read

22 Jan 2024

👋Hello Creative Peoples!

Greetings, At ElectronThemes, we believe every business deserves a website that reflects its unique identity and drives success. That's why we work closely with our trustable clients, understanding their needs and crafting WordPress websites that not only look stunning but also convert visitors into loyal customers. Each project presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and we are proud to share the success stories of Livoman, Rice of Kedia, Judit Gilani, and Punch.

This post showcases four recent projects where we poured our expertise into creating websites that cater to diverse industries and objectives:

1. Livoman↗


Livoman, is a travel and party bus service company. We designed and developed a dynamic website to showcase their services, travel packages online booking system, and engaging blog content. This website aims to provide users with a seamless and user-friendly platform to plan, book, and manage their travel adventures. We developed this website using WordPress and all content is customizable from the WordPress dashboard.

What we did for the Livoman WordPress Project:

Our team crafted a visually appealing website with interactive features and functionality.

  • We built a Booking System with Customizable Packages
  • Custom made designed and developed
  • Testimonials and Event carousel slider
  • Security and Performance Optimization
  • Fully Responsive Design for all devices
  • Blog and Travel Resources
  • Dynamic Content Updates

2. Rice of Kedia↗

Rice of Kedia, a paddy-processing rice manufacturing company. We crafted a clean, professional website that reflected its commitment to quality and transparency. We created a Product Showcase with ****high-resolution images and detailed descriptions highlighting the quality and variety of their rice. We developed this website using WordPress and all content is customizable from the WordPress dashboard.

What we did for Rice of  Kedia WordPress Project:

We designed a simple and clean website that highlights Rice of Kedia's product range, production processes, and quality assurance measures.

  • Created a Feature Slider
  • Professional and Informative Design
  • Custom Page Layout
  • Product Listing on the Product page
  • High-Speed & Fast Loading
  • Fully Responsive for all devices
  • Dynamic Content Updates

3. Judit Gilani↗

gulit gilani.png

Judit Gilani, a sleeping problem solutions consultant. We created a calming and informative website that provided information and resources for a better night's sleep. We developed this website using WordPress. We developed this website using WordPress and all content is customizable from the WordPress dashboard.

What we did for Judit Gilani's WordPress Project:

Our team created a user-friendly website that offers informative content, sleep improvement tips, and online consultations.

  • Informative Homepage: Here showing all the sleeping service-related information of Judit Gilani.
  • Online consultation booking: Streamlined booking process for convenient access to Judit's expertise.
  • Common Issues and Services Section: Clean and Minimal design for focusing on Sleeping common problems and Sleeping services.
  • Customizable Layouts and Content: Judit Gilani's content is dynamically changeable from WordPress Dashboard.
  • Sleeping-related Blogs: Expert insights and tips on sleep hygiene, relaxation techniques, and common sleep disorders.
  • Client Testimonials: Building trust and credibility through genuine feedback from satisfied customers.
  • Find Article Faster: We integrate a search bar for finding information faster on the website.
  • We Prioritized User Experience: Implementing accessibility features and clear navigation to ensure the website was accessible to everyone.

4. Punch↗


Punch is a property retail service provider company. We designed a professional website showcasing Punch's services, property listings, and client success stories. We built the website according to their needs and we developed this website using WordPress and all content is customizable from the WordPress dashboard. We have worked to make the website load faster with stunning visuals and engaging content, the website builds trust and excitement.

What we did for the Punch WordPress Project:

  • Premium Quality Designed
  • Added Custompages
  • Properties Showcase Page
  • Custom Case Studies Page
  • Custom Newsportal Page
  • Custom Register Form
  • Featured Slider for Showcasing Properties
  • High-Speed Performance
  • Responsive Design for All Devices
  • Customizable Layouts

Our Approach:

  • We collaborated closely with our clients to understand their target audience and needs.
  • We designed a user-friendly interface that prioritizes visual appeal and ease of navigation.
  • Implementation of custom plugins and development of unique functionalities to meet specific needs.
  • SEO optimization to attract targeted users searching for sleep solutions.
  • Responsive design optimization for flawless experiences across all devices.

These are just a few examples of how we bring our client's visions to live through WordPress. We believe in building lasting partnerships, exceeding expectations, and crafting websites that not only look beautiful but also deliver real-world results.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of our WordPress journey, where we'll delve deeper into the technical aspects of these projects and showcase even more client success stories.

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