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Show content on the specific page in ghost

When we develop our theme, we need to show content only for specific page. It can be homepage, blog page, post page, single page or others. I will show you how to show the content only for the specific page.


  1. To show the content only for homepage {{#is "home"}}{{/is}}


2. For post page, you can use this code as wrapper {{#is "post"}}{{/is}}


3. For page, you can the content only for page {{#is "page"}}{{/is}}


4. For the Author page, you can show the content only for the authors. {{#is "author"}}{{/is}}


5. For the Tag page, you can show the tag page content {{#is "tag"}}{{/is}}


6. {{#is "paged"}}{{/is}} is used to show the content only for other pages not on page 1. The page can be 2, 3, 4, 5, or more

Enamul Haque

I am a freelance web developer and founder of ElectronThemes. I do blogging and be eager to know new things that make better our developing world. I work on WordPress, react, ghost, laravel. I love to work on an open source project and available on skype: enamul.iu.moni

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